Reading Minds: What Dietitians Want You to Know

If you’ve ever seen a dietitian – or if you haven’t – you may wonder what goes on in a dietitian’s mind. Why do they ask all those questions? Are they going to think I’m a terrible person for drinking this Coke? I bet they only eat kale and quinoa.

Reading Minds What Dietitians Want You to Know

Here is what your dietitian wants you to know:

  1. We care about more than just what you eat. Health, physical activity, overall lifestyle – all those things go into the food choices you make. We are even interested in the medications and supplements you take, because those can affect how your body metabolizes or absorbs various nutrients.
  2. We are not the food police. Dietitians are there to help you, not judge you. If you fudge a little when telling us what or how much you eat, we won’t have a clear idea of what’s going on and how to work with you.
  3. We’re human, too. Dietitians know which food choices are better and more nutritious, but that doesn’t mean we don’t treat ourselves. We give ourselves a break, and we expect you to do the same sometimes. No one can be perfect.
  4. We have worked really hard to become dietitians. After a bachelor’s degree and an intensive dietetic internship followed by a national registration exam, we have spent a huge amount of time studying the science of nutrition. We pride ourselves on evidence-based practice, so we strive to give you quality advice.

Dietitians live in the same world as everyone else. We recognize that myriad obstacles to nutrition exist, and we want to learn about your unique situation so we can use our expertise to help you achieve better health.



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