Why I Care: My Passion for Nutrition

I care about nutrition.

Studying nutrition has led me to a passion that I never knew I had. I started my course of study with an interest, and the more I have learned, I have found that I care more about nutrition than I ever realized.

Between my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I am finishing up six years in school learning about this one topic. I have a wealth of scientific knowledge about nutrition, why nutrients matter and their roles in the human body. As I’m now nearing conclusion of my second degree and Dietetic Internship, it’s easy to get caught up in the scramble and rush to complete tasks. Feeling stressed and busy often trumps feeling passionate. But recently, I had a conversation that reminded me of my appetite for nutrition.

I realized this: Food matters. Health matters. And those are two things that are dear to people. Food is connected to so much more than simply fueling the body; it’s coupled with culture, memories, and feelings. Health is often taken for granted, even though it is tied to our ability to move throughout our lives easily. We don’t tend to worry much about our health when it’s good, but it is a big problem when it is not good. Our health affects not only us, but ripples through to affect the other people in our lives.

Even though the link between food and health is so well-known, using food to purposely contribute to health is so difficult to do. Food choices are made for so many other reasons, like taste, convenience, and emotions, so eating for health reasons is a challenge. While those are not always negative reasons, they are not necessarily conducive to health maintenance.

What I care so deeply about is how to help people use food to sustain their health with sensitivity to the less tangible roles food fills in their lives. I want to help people learn to make food work for them, in the context of their own lives, to support their health journey while maintaining the emotional connections people have with cultural and traditional foods.

The significance of food and health, and the interplay between the two, is where my passion lies and where I have found my spark.

How can I help you to use food in a way that supports your health?


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